Bakelite Lab Report

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Environmental Effects

Bakelite is extensively used for making electrodes for RPC (resistive plate chambers) [1] [2].All the electrodes which are made up of Bakelite have changing value of resistivity i.e. all the Bakelite electrodes are variable resistors [1]. But we can modulate the value of resistivity through water [1], [4]. Bakelite resistivity has a strong dependence on temperature as well as on humidity. [2]

Dependence on Humidity

Basically, Bakelite resistivity is strongly affected by the humidity and it is a slow process because several months are needed in order to stabilize the value of Bakelite’s resistance. Bakelite resistivity is inversely proportional to the humidity. By the increase in humidity, its resistivity decreases.
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[2] Fig.
They performed two measurements.
Firstly, they monitored the Bakelite’s resistance while humidity was changing fastly at constant temperature and monitored resistance while changing temperature at constant humidity. [2]
Secondly, they measured the Bakelite’s resistance while temperature was changing in the range 15-35 C at discrete values of humidity 20%, 55% and 80%.[2]
According to Fig.2,
• As humidity decreases from 80% to 55%, the resistance increases to 50M ohms.
• As humidity decreases from 55% to 20%, the resistance increases of factor ~22.
• As humidity increases from 20% to 55%, the resistance decreases to 70M ohms.
According to Fig.3,
• As temperature increases from 25 to 35 C at 55% constant humidity, Bakelite resistance
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It is also used for domestic utensil handle’s making and for umbrella handles. For making cases of oil gauge where we can’t use glass, transparent Bakelite is used. For the purpose of wheel grinding, it acts as bonding agent. The wheel which is bonded with Bakelite has increased the cutting speed of wheel to 9000 feet per minute whereas the wheels which are bonded with other materials have a cutting speed of 5500 feet per minute.

Some Bakelite resins are oil soluble because of which these resins are used for paint and oil varnishing. The result so obtained has excellent properties like durability, flexibility and resistant against alkalis and weak acids. Cements which are made from Bakelite are used for bonding and adhesion. The Bakelite cement exists in solid and liquid form. In brush bristles setting, Bakelite liquid cement is used. It is also used in wheel manufacture which is abrasive. The powdered Bakelite cement found its extensive application in radio valves and electric lamps manufacturing. The cement in the form of paste is applied to lamp. This paste is formed by adding alcohol in this

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