Bakery Automation System

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ABSTRACT:This paper represents the automated material handling and quality control in the small as well as large scale bakery industry to improve the accuracy and the speed of manufacturing of various baked products. Now a day’s most of the bakeries are still operating manually which results into unhygienic environment and also requires large manpower and large cost. In order to overcome these problems, we are makingthe design of Bakery Automation System with conveyor belt and its material making cycle provide a systematicmixture of food materials,food ingredients, fresh and baked product, in the simultaneous of process of using different containers. Initially we are designing the conveyor belt which is used to drive the assembly of containers.…show more content…
The processing cycle requires a continuous stream of ingredients, dough and baked products, in addition to the obsolete movement of troughs, pans, lids, baskets and different containers. For example, still must be filled with dough, stored during Fermentation and Regained for last mixing. Meantime, stacked pans and lids remain in storage until supply to the production line on an as-needed basis. At the end of the line, completed wares are loaded into baskets or other containers for shipment to distribution centers and retail…show more content…
With a standardized engineering environment, continuous and open communication tools, as well as IT Solutions and Intelligent Management Systems, Completely Integrated Automation covers all applicable areas. From building automation, energy management and the production control level to maintenance and servicing. Energy costs are becoming increasingly applicable. That is why it is good to know that with completelyintegrated power, we offer you integrated power distribution solutions that can contribute you considerable savings. Totally Integrated Automation for the baking and confectionary industries manufacturers of bakery and confectionary products need an integrated, automated production process to increase productivity in the long term. All products and systems interact smoothly and can realize integrated automation concepts as more cost-basis of Totally Integrated Automation, making it effectively and run them more economically. Thus we are designing bakery automation system using automated cranes conveyors for continuous movement of vessels towards the oven and from the oven to containers. Also motion check weighers may be used for inspecting the underweight conditions and rejecting them. Integration software and operational control software are used for its smooth

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