Bakery Swot Analysis

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My business plan is to open a home based bakery, named the cake court. The bakery is located in Al-khoudh. It is mostly based on baking cake and a little of breads and cookies. The point of my business are to survive the first time of exchanging, because it will be a home based business. Cake court’s unique selling point is that it will offer office catering for parties or special events for example presentations etc. The bakery is a partnership business which includes family and friend, in that way I will be able to ask for help from them and also having help from family and friend will make it easy for me to make better decision. And when it comes to responsibility no one will have to be worried because they will be shared. On
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The location the bakery is located is perfect because people from different places can get it.
Weaknesses the bakery would get lose if it will be introduced in the wrong section for example to diabetic people. And if it happens to hire employees and get those that don’t have experiences the bakery will lose the competition.
Opportunities the bakery can grow fast because of the never ending demand for the items, it also has the development of the product offering later on.
Threats the bakery can face threats like price war, competition, external changes and production substitution; price war happens when a competitor lowers his/her prices. External changes are the changes done by the
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They are the negative effects that happen in the planet. The issues can affect any kind human activity. Some problems happen because of human being caring less of their surrounds, meaning they keep on throwing waste in places it is not supposed to be. In my bakery I will make sure that almost everything is reused, reduce wastage of thing that are not important and recycle all the plastic material that will be used in the bakery. And not forgetting to place environmental friendly product that will help in making other in keeping the environment

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