Bakkwa Swot Analysis

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Mission Aims to be the leader in the distribution, retailing and franchising of BBQ Meat ‘bakkwa’ products in the vastly competitive food industry. (Bee Cheng Hiang,2014)
Vision To be world-wide leading food company by providing satisfying products and services in the international markets. (Bee Cheng Hiang,2014)
Segmentation Demographic Segment:
Individuals (20 – 44 years old working adults), Families
Behavioral Segment:
Families gatherings, occasions for bonding and indulge together.
Positioning With unique recipe and advanced technology in producing high quality products and retaining the nutrition and hygiene.
Provider of unique BBQ snack with over 80 years of expertise, Bee Cheng Hiang is Singapore’s favorite brand.
Product Bak
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Distribution to local supermarkets / restaurants / cafes etc.

Current Marketing Situation + Opportunities & Issues Analysis – South Korea
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
• Established Brand in Singapore.
• Festive season (Chinese New Year) associated with Bak Kwa.
• High Customer Loyalty.
• Wide range of products.
• International growth across 10 countries as to date (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Philippines).
• Own automated production facilities.
• 100% natural ingredients, No MSG/preservatives and no artificial colourings. (Bee Cheng Hiang, 2014). Weaknesses
• Health conscious consumers might not willing to try due to the product’s nature of greasy and high calories.
• Traditional image of Bee Cheng Hiang is too deeply rooted in every consumer’s mind, therefore it would be hard to impose new image or new products.
• Not halal certified as the food they sell contain pork, which means they cannot target on muslim / religious consumer.
• Product are not innovative and daring. (example: creation of 3 (pork.beef,chicken)

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