Healthcare Balanced Scorecard Analysis

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There are some issues in implementing balance scorecard in healthcare industries.As the balanced scorecard increase the performance measurement in healthcare industries,the issues such as the involving of high innovation need to be aware of. Based on Hudson et al. (2001),the main issue faced using the balanced scorecard is it fails in focusing the detail and information about performance measure.Based on Kollberg and Elg (2010),they conclude that healthcare organisations have introduced the Balanced Scorecard primarily as a system to improve health care quality.In implementing balanced scorecard,the important attributes of hospital performance are including the medical staff relations and its quality of care,either it can be difficult to measure,interprete…show more content…
Other than that,there are too much internal focus.The criticism on balance scorecard including the encourages towards an internal focus.Then, the measures missing in balanced scorecard have attention in national and having it critical in the management of health care.As example,on patient safety like related infections on care,daily hygiene and also prevention programs .As it was not the part of balanced scorecard system,it indicates the validity by balanced scorecard may be questioned. Beata Kollberg Mattias Elg,…show more content…
By using balanced scorecard in healtcare management,which is the Office of Strategy Management,it can help the healtcare industry such as hospitals,pharmaceutical company and many more in focusing on strategy execution and alignment.From this,it can help against cost overruns and ineffificient implementation,as example the cost or fees at hospitals.Bob M.D,(2012).

In hospital’s management,Balanced scorecard will get the focus towards the patient and meet the expectations.The patient(customer) are the perspectives that build the strategy map.This also will meet the patient at the hospital with the satisfaction of measurement of progress towards the target.So,when there are issues and problem happen in management,some approach of balanced scorecard can be used and solved,but balanced scorecard (BSC) is not the solvers that will fix everything.By having the innovative and skilled management teams such as the workers itself at healthcare service such as nurses,pharmacist and also human resource department,it can play the good role in helping healthcare organisation in having success in their mission and perform outstanding healthcare services to their patients which is their customers and also to the communities as
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