Balcony Scene In Romeo And Juliet

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How the story unfolds
We started with a little action: a duel between the servants of two rival families of Verona: the Montagues and the Capulets. This gets exciting! After sheathing the swords, the prince of Verona makes his appearance to declare that the next person to start a fight will die, and this time he means it.

Then comes Romeo Montague, who never stops dreaming of a certain Rosalinda. Meanwhile, Julieta Capuleto, a thirteen-year-old girl, has just learned that Paris, the most coveted bachelor in Verona, is interested in her. They will see each other that night at the masked ball held at the Capulets ' house (at least it is a case of "child abuse" with parental consent). Romeo and her friends
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In the "balcony scene" of Shakespeare, Romeo discreetly listens to Juliet 's soliloquy. However, in Brooke 's version, she makes her declaration of love while alone. By introducing Romeo to the scene where he eavesdrops, the author departs from the normal sequence of courtship. Normally, a woman was asked to follow a pattern of behavior based on modesty and shyness, in order to make sure that her suitor was honest. The reason for deviating from the sequence mentioned, is because Shakespeare wanted to speed up the plot a bit. In this way young lovers become apt to evade part of the process of courtship, displacing the story, which is initially focused on the development of their relationship, to a context mainly focused on their decision to marry. In the final scene of suicide, there is a contradiction in the link with the Catholic religion, because suicides are considered by this as a sin that must be punished in hell, although those who resort to these in order to be with their lover become creditors to paradise, where they will be accompanied by their lover. This is how the love between Romeo and Juliet tends to be more platonic than religious. Another point to consider is the consummation of love cited in the original writing; Even though the love between the two was passionate, the couple only consummates their love after they are married, something that prevents them from losing the sympathy of the public.

It is possible that Romeo and Juliet function as an equation of love and sex, with death. Throughout the tragedy, he and she fantasize about this "fulminating equality", usually attributed to a lover. For example, Mr. Capulet is the one who first realizes Julieta 's "death", comparing this factor with the deflowering of his daughter, and, a little later, Julieta compares, erotically, Romeo with death. Just before committing suicide, he decides to use
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