Bald Eagle Habitat

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The national bird, bald eagle, is a very interesting. The Bald Eagle eats small fish and birds, and is known to eat large fish.They are also going extinct. The Bald Eagle is interesting because of its reproduction, habitat, and diet.

A Bald Eagle has a very interesting reproduction. Mating season is from late September to early April.(2) “ The female lays her eggs 5-10 days after mating’’. (2) They lay 1 to 3 eggs, and eaglets hatch 35 days later. (3) They have a really awesome reproduction.

The Bald Eagle Habitat that is very cool. The Bald Eagle are found near lakes, rivers, marshes, and coasts.(1) They also live near swamps!(3) “ They live in canada, United states, and Northwest Mexico.”(3) 70,000 Bald Eagles in the whole North America

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