Advertising Campaign Analysis

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Plot each advertising campaign for destinations Bali, Lombok and Flores described as follows:
Bali: Cloudy sky, the sun appeared between two clouds and shining brightly/ a stretch of coastline with white sun pads/ lined up along the coast interspersed with several smaller boats/ the beach becomes part of the front page of several hotels/ faraway look background of the hills;
Sea waves crashing on a rocky beach cliff/ people milling around by bike or on foot/ the beach views from the top of the cliff/ the fisherman was working in his pond/ thousands of white mat for sunbathing/ tourists sunbathing along the beach/ (close up) the face of an Asian tourists were praying/ some tourists were bathing in the pool to rinse;
As if piercing the sky temple
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A kid in white t-shirts that read "I love Bali" and in Balinese sarong learn Bali painting with her father/ the women create batik and accessories in the bale Banjar/ all the properties then put up for dance festive/ Balinese dance performances in the evenings with background of temple;
A hotel building over the pool/ a young female tourists passing in the lobby/ she was wearing a tanktop blouse and white scarf/ a row of dried colorful scarf waving in the wind/ park in the hotel courtyard/ a couple of tourists on the edge of the pool were enjoying the morning also enjoy a relaxing sunbathing view of the river with clear water/ sunlight penetrates the leaves of trees/ there is a pajegan and incense on the stone/ tourists enjoy a soak in the
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Some surfers were enjoying the waves/ a tourist prepared and starting parasailing from the white sand beaches/ and then several parasailers seen floating in the blue sky over the sea;
A couple of tourists with a helmet ready to dive/ enjoy the view of the sea aquarium interact with a variety of colorful fish/ a group of tourists rafting sports/ back to the beach peoples, playing parasailing and riding banana boat, tourists play with turtle, a couple of tourists walking hand in hand down the beach/ (close up) golf ball rolling on a smooth grass field into the hole with background hills and sea;
Dozens of tourists enjoying the waves with a surfboard, an afternoon at the beach and tourist silhuet/ sparkling candle light scattered along the coast, people enjoyed dinner at each table lit by two candles, the friendly waiters serve each table;
A group of divers enjoy underwater scenes among the coral reefs/ some others were jumping and plunging into the sea from the cliff edge/ Ocean waves crashing on the beach cliffs, a tourist enjoying the waves splashed over the cliff, the sun shining on the beach in between the rows of cliffs/ tourists enjoy a meal in the restaurant, waiters dressed in typical Balinese smile served

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