Hate Crimes From Birmingham's Ballad Of Birmingham

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Who would do such a thing? The short story, Ballad of Birmingham is based on a very horrific time frame in history. It is referred to as “The most heinous crime in the history of the civil rights movement” (Alabama University Professors pg. 110).Members of the Ku Klux Klan who made national headlines in the 60’s took the lives of four innocent children who were completely blindsided as their lives were taken in the center of a church. It’s appalling how back then people convinced themselves that they had a logical reason to commit such a horrendous hate crimes. The church is thought of as some sort of safe haven, this is where people feel the most secure. These members completely robbed these little girls, their family members, and the community of their sense of security. It is ironic how one of the safest places on earth became such a strong target for a horrible hate crime. “The mother smiled to know her child. Was in the sacred place, But that smile was the last smile, to come upon her face.” These lines are what really draws a reader to the story. You instantly feel the emotion. A mother who felt a false sense of security was deprived of her child. She tried to protect her child from the dangers of the outside world, and the problems of the outside world cane and invaded the safest place she …show more content…

The title of this article “Terrorism in Charleston,” is very fitting for the crime committed there. It is stated as what it is. This man who was allowed to purchase fire arms without the proper background check took the lives of nine and scarred the lives of many more. “The fact that Roof appears to have acted without accomplices will inevitably be taken as solace. He will be dismissed as a deranged loner, connected to nothing broader. This is untrue. Even if he acted by himself, he was not alone” (Cobb). I am so glad that the media realizes that although he is taking the responsibility for this crime he was not alone. There is no way this man executed this

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