Ballers Movie Analysis

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As I watch HBO’s new show Ballers. I soon begin to grow to like the Rocks character in the show, But when I first saw the trailer for Ballers, I was both excited and let down. The show seemed to be similar to HBO’s other bro-comedy, Entourage, which at first glance, Ballers was going to take on the same plot line of being extravagant lifestyles of people we only know in the world we live in today, with a feel-good ending for the main character. But the Hollywood-NFL comparison falls apart in one major way: one in six NFL players goes broke after retirement. Yes, NFL athletes are notorious for blowing their million dollar signing bonuses and squandering their seasonal earnings of their minimum earnings of $435 thousand! I was worried Ballers…show more content…
One story follows Vernon, a first round pick whose storyline is almost a tired player in this day and age. As he spent his entire $12 million signing bonus’s, he pays for everything for everyone in his family, and confesses that he doesn’t even know the people partying at his mansion during a week day. Spencer serves as a mentor to Vernon and after giving Vernon a $300,000 check to get out of debt, he signs the athlete as a client in exchange for his favor. It was interesting to watch Spencer face some of the hurdles that he has seen in his job as a financial as an advisor. He had seen firsthand how money can destroy a player’s life but has also seen how easy it can be to lose a friend by trying to represent him as a client. He eventually realized the roles of friendship and financial advisor are not mutually exclusive. By being a financial advisor you are technically a friend by being someone that the athlete can trust to secure and manage his finances, wondering if he’ll see his character by learning this lesson over the course of the
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