Ballet School Stereotypes

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This article is about stereotype and other common problem in San Francisco Ballet School. In the article, a young girl named Federica Keefer who is a dancer with a different body type compare to the norm in the dancing industry. She was refused admission into the San Francisco Ballet School because of her body type and not because of her dancing ability. Her Mother, Krissy Keefer decided to file a suit against the school. In the suit filed, the mother stated that her daughter was refused admission because she didn’t have the right body type and the value placed on unnaturally thin body for female dancer drives them to eating disorder. On the other hand, the school disagrees with her and feels they have the right to choose their student based…show more content…
Firstly, finding a female friend in the department is an issue because ninety percent of the class were male so I end up having a bunch of guys as close friends. Most of these guys were my friend not because they want to but because they have ulterior motive of going out with me or just having sex. When they ask you out and you refuse, the friendship fades away. Also, having a social life is sometimes unfavorable because activates loved by my friends are not just girly. Finally, getting a study partner that believe in you is almost impossible. Most guys in the class just feel you are a girl and not to intelligent student that has something intellectual to contribute. Despite all this challenges, I still graduated top 20 in the…show more content…
When I finally got a job, the working environment was not conducive. The male coworker and supervisor were not supportive and some of the challenges in university re surfaced. After getting married with plan to raise a family, I had to reconsider my choice of being an engineering. I decided to change my career path to sales to give me time to raise a family and still have some income. My love for medicine and engineering was still very strong that is why I decided to go back to university and study biomedical engineering. You might be thinking why? I realize being a female in male dominated field is okay. Engineering field need to be seen from two different perspective. No matter what field we find ourselves we are faced one challenge or the other and it’s never too late to be where u want to be no matter the rough
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