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Ballou Majestic Knights Documentary And The Whole Gritty City . “Ballou Majestic Knight Documentary” and “The Whole Gritty City” were the two films we watched. Both of these films are about people who play in bands with their own way of how they do things. These are both films that get deep details about people’s life stories and where they come from. The people who play in the bands are different in their own way but they’ve all came from a struggle. In both films they both aren’t all living in a good society. They go to band as an escape from all their problems so they can live better lives. Violence is one of the main facts. Most students live in neighborhoods/homes where violence happens everyday. Responsibility is also one. Their band teachers are sometimes have been responsible to…show more content…
These films also deals with passion. The people love playing in band and the director loves directing. They also deal with character. If someone says something that makes them mad they won’t get out of character. That gives them a bad reputation. They also show great character throughout the band. Stereotype is another; they get judged on what they look like in “The Ballou Majestic Knights Documentary” . The girl was judged because she was bigger than the other girls but still tried out. Also in “Gritty City” the boy was judged because his shirt wasn’t as neat as everyone else’s. An aspect of the film i’ve never saw before was how they struggle to get where they are now. Both of the films taught me not to be greedy because there are people who would really needs things. I get to see where they come from and how they rise and change from where they are. Something I saw that was unconvincing was the younger kids who played in the band. This was unconvincing because the kids were like 7-10 years old. One of the things that caught my attention was how they were recording. The recorders

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