Ballpark's Descriptive Essay: Dippin Dots

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The Ballpark was filled with tons and tons of hungry and enthusiastic children. The aroma of cotton candy roared like lions and made their mouths water like an open spring. Paying for a bag of cotton candy is like highway robbery, but is especially pleasing as it melts like a burning candle pleading for water. Children impatiently beg for more and more food and demand a fan favorite dessert known as Dippin Dots! Whether it be Birthday Cake, Banana Split, or Cookies ‘n Cream, Dippin Dots will surely help with your sweet tooth. “Hot Dogs, Peanuts, Cotton Candy!” The crowd stands and salutes stars and stripes. Players rush the field like men in war. Taking ground balls is like putting icing on a cake. The field is exquisite in all aspects, from the immaculate green grass swaying its small spears, to the vibrant reddish-brown clay that everybody adores. A ballpark with stadium seating is like peanut butter to jelly, it is the perfect pair. Those forest green chairs are beloved by each and every individual at the ballpark, and provide a comfortable seat. Thousands of people shout and scream over their favorite player, kids get autographs and obtain sentimental moments that they will never forget in their lifetime. Baseball fanatics drink…show more content…
Coaches give their players abstract signals and the players follow their commands. When the ball is hit over the fence, the crowd screams like a child on Christmas morning. As the player rounds the bases, his cleats dig into the soft yet gritty dirt and he steps on the bases like jumping on a fluffy pillow. Bats scream and thud, while players clap and run. During the ninth inning, the closing pitcher comes in and is there to save the day like a superhero. As the game ends, individuals rush out of the park as if there is a wild bull on the loose. Parked cars come to life, people scream in joy, and the city roars as the night goes

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