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Athol Fugard has created multiple teachers throughout the story by using a variety of literary and dramatic devices to create an effect on the audience. He clearly focused on creating a wise and intelligent teacher Sam. He taught Hally about the importance of a kite in his life and taught Willie how to dance.

At the beginning of the play Fugard introduces Sam, who shows a clear knowledge of ballroom dancing. He motivates Willie to do well in his upcoming competition: ‘ballroom must look happy… like romance.’ Sam wants Willie to look at dancing enthusiastic and positive as if it was a happy ending to a book. Willie is a slow learner and short-tempered but he starts to imagine dancing as a simple task to perform. Furthermore, Sam gives another
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This is why He gives an important advice to Willie, so he will perform even better: ‘don’t start worrying about making mistakes or the judges or other competitors. It’s just you and Hilda and the music, and you are going to have a good time.’ Willie understands that he should enjoy himself and clear his mind from other things. Later this had developed into more dramatic and philosophical conclusion to the audience.

The author shows Hallie’s personality, which creates an image of an arrogant and exaggerating person, who pretends to be a smart teacher: ‘Tolstoy may have educated his peasants, but I’ve educated you.’ Hally tries to sound clever and mature but it doesn’t work and Sam ignores his words. Although Hally shows his desire to literature and politics, he refuses to learn in school and compares himself with Wilson Churchill. Therefore it’s a poor attempt to educate someone with real experience of life and
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He describes it as a vivid and important memory to him but says there wasn’t any twist in the story: ‘the way it ended with us was too straightforward… me on the bench and you going back to work. There’s no drama in that.’ However, it’s ironic as there was a twist in the story. The bench was ‘Whites Only’. Hally could go with Sam, which would be a happier ending to his story, but that is not what he chooses. Instead, he sat alone with no kite in the air, which affects his life. Hally wants to be proud of something, mature and wise like Sam but he decides to behave like a boy, hating and criticizing the world. As a result, he becomes alone. Hally understands that he should behave like a real man and be fair, if not metaphorically he will sit alone on the bench for a long time, meaning he can be alone all his

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