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On August twenty-third of nineteen twenty-five in Tampa, FL a hero was born. Baldomero Lopez was raised in a neighborhood called Ybor City. Within the years of Lopez 's adolescent years, he attended Hillsborough High School, where he was the leading player for the basketball team; to trump that victory, he was also the regimental commander in the school’s Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps program (JROTC).After graduating from JROTC, he served in the US Navy from July of nineteen forty-three to June of nineteen forty-four. Baldomero Lopez was also chosen to attend a three-year, fast-track program located at the US Naval Academy.When 2nd Lt. Lopez volunteered to be an infantry officer in Korea after the start of the war, promoting him to 1st Lieutenant. Serving as the 1st Lt. of the U.S Marine Corps, Lopez was awarded multiple awards while on active duty; the Medal of Honor, the Purple Heart Medal, the Presidential Unit Citation with one bronze star, and much more. In the process of unintentionally revealing himself to the hostile fires, and attempting to progress forward alongside a bunker to throw the grenade, Lopez was seized under fire by the enemy with automatic weapons and got hit in the right shoulder and chest as he lifted his arm to release the grenade Thus completing out a…show more content…
If it was not for Lopez extinguishing the hand grenade with his own body during the Inchon landing on September fifteenth of nineteen-fifty, we would have had a very different future than the one we are living. We are enabled to go to work and be productive citizens. We are enabled with the opportunity of school and receiving an education because of the actions of Baldomero Lopez. An inspiration to exceed the limits and to act without

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