Baltimore County Fire Department Case Study

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The Baltimore County Fire Department is a progressive department that adapts to world around us. Every day there are new advancements in technology, medical research, and treatment modalities. The BCoFD strives to provide high quality patient care which starts with proper trainings that supports the needs of the county’s citizens. Trainings are cost-justified through current research, compliance of department standards, and mandatory requirements for certifications and licenses. Based off those components, there is a recognition for the need of training. Trainings are not only beneficial to the citizens, but the department as well. Instructional time is justified by the degree of need for the training. For example, there is a high need for high performance CPR training because it is a skill used every day in the department, however the skill needs drastic improvement to meet new AHA standards. Because the department is so large, about 1,100 employees, most trainings are done asynchronously via online instruction or at the station level with your shift supervisor. This keeps staffing to a minimal and allows for less tangible items, therefore reducing cost to participate.…show more content…
The goals of the organization are made aware in BCoFD’s mission statement, “The mission of the Baltimore County Fire Department is to provide the highest quality fire protection, emergency medical services, fire prevention, safety education, community services and mitigation of emergency and non-emergency incidents to the citizens of and visitors to Baltimore County” (BCoFD, 2016). All short-term benefits lead to one common long-term benefit which is the number one goal of the organization: to protect and serve the citizens of Baltimore
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