Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress Essay

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As teenagers, we are always in a hurry to grow up, yet we are frequently told to take things slow and enjoy the ephemerality of childhood. Becoming an adult, which is defined as one who has attained maturity or legal age, ushers in changes that affect our entire beings. Many teens realize that adulthood requires development, but they generally do not understand the gravity of the changes introduced. Often hailed as the harbinger of transition, growing up gives rise to greater responsibilities and alters how we are viewed in the world, but it also affects personalities and ideas, minds and bodies, emotions, and most of all, perspective and individuality. In Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, Dai Sijie illustrates that growing up leads to a change of perspective and an increased interest in individualism. The narrator, along with his best friend Luo and the Little Seamstress, delve into the world of banned literature in China during the darkness of the Cultural Revolution.…show more content…
It is these important influences in early life which have the greatest impact on our minds as we grow and learn to think for ourselves. As proven through Dai Sijie’s novel, growing up results in a change of perspective and a greater enthusiasm in individualism. After crossing the bridge of transition from child to adult, we are able to use experienced insight and mature judgement even in difficult situations to forge our own ways through life. This sophisticated understanding of the world and divergence from the basic path of life allow for a more educated and intelligent future. Fundamental lessons we learn as children guide our actions as adults, and by learning to acknowledge each other’s differences and celebrate our own achievements, we truly display the cultivated knowledge and maturity necessary for
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