Bambara Groundnut Case Study

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Abstract Thermal properties of food product are very important in the design of drying, processing and storage equipment. To this end, the specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and thermal diffusivity of Bambara groundnut seeds were determined as a function of moisture content. Specific heat capacity was determined by the Differential Scanning Calorimeter. The thermal conductivity was determined by transient heat flow using line heat source method. Thermal diffusivity was determined theoretically from the specific heat and thermal conductivity values. The specific heat capacity varied from 1.113 to 3.076 kJ/kgoKat moisture content range of 7.05 to 23.00% w.b.The thermal conductivity varied from 0.0358 to 0.1864 W/m0K at 7.05 to 23.00% w.b. Thermal diffusivity varied from 7.6541x10-5 to 9.4981x10-5 m2/s with increasing moisture content in the range of 7.05 to 23.00% w.b. Thermal conductivity and specific…show more content…
Verdc.) seeds is an easy to cultivate legume seed which is widely grown throughout tropical Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Central and South America and some parts of Northern Australia (Eltayeb et al., 2011). Bambara groundnut originated in West Africa with its name derived from the Bambara tribe who now lives in Mali (Nwanna et al., 2005). Considered as one of the main attributes of Bambara groundnut is its tolerance of poor soils and drought, as well as its ability to yield in conditions in which groundnut fails completely. Bambara groundnut which is primarily grown for its edible seeds are lower in oil content compared to groundnuts, but higher in protein and carbohydrates. The seeds may be consumed fresh, grilled or it may be soaked and boiled before consumption (Sirivongpaisal, 2008). The varieties of the seeds have four colours which are black, red, brown and cream. Although it is a nutritious crop and underutilized in Nigeria. The crop is essentially grown for human

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