Bambi's Case Study

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Contract of Employment is an agreement between the employees and its employer and is the basis of the employment relationship. Contractual Entitlements Bambi’s contractual entitlement shows what the employee and employer should expect from one another. This includes the wages, holiday and sick pay, the number of hours of work, disciplinary rules and pension schemes. Employer and Employee’s Rights Every employee has the right and is responsible to be safe and protected and be treated fairly for them to work in Bambi. Bambi’s employers have legal obligation, they do have the right to ask the employees certain questions about them or their potential mental health conditions. Other information that may be necessary for the employers to ask…show more content…
Some adjustments made are the working arrangements like the hours of work and leave entitlements, adjustments of workplace and equipment or facilities, and adjustments to work modifications to enable the person to comply with the rules as they are present. • Providing a safe and healthy workplace It is for certain that Bambi ensures to provide a safe and healthy workplace for the employees to work in. The employers are obligated to ensure the health and safety of workers and the workplace, such as customers. They must maintain the work environment to be risk-free to health and safety, monitoring the health of the employees and the condition of the workplace, consulting with workers on work health and safety matters, and providing information, training, instruction, and supervision to ensure that the workers can safely perform their activities. • Protecting an employee’s privacy As hiring employees, there are some information that are handed to the employer like address, phone number, email, health condition, and more which must be kept safe to protect the privacy of Bambi’s…show more content…
By giving out rewards and bonuses shows the employees what they have done to deserve that reward and will motivate them to work even better for the company which also gives them pride for themselves because they have done something great and offered something to the company and makes them feel important. Managing the employees’ performance is a must at Bambi. The aim of managing the performance is to continuously improve the performance of the employees and the organization. It ensures that the employees contribute to the goals of their teams and the business as a whole. This can be achieved by:  Focusing on the accomplishment and results of the employees  Plan the work and set up goals for the employees  Training and developing the skills of the employees  Regular tasks to ensure that targets are being achieved
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