Bamboo Ceiling: Positive And Negative Stereotypes

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Any stereotype is made based off of prejudgments. People who do take stereotypes into consideration when judging a person can make assumptions on others from multiple sources, such as peers, the media, including facts. The main concern when it comes to stereotypes is the way people apply it towards everyone based off of a person’s gender, race or culture, which results in either negative or positive stereotype. Either way, both conventions can equally affect a person by altering how a person will feel about themselves. Negative stereotypes overall causes harm to possible new relationships, creates an impractical standard for people to meet; while, positive stereotypes can create false assumptions about people, making a person feel imperfect.…show more content…
Any form of a bad stereotype that has been made, can affect a person’s view entirely on a group of people, probably without giving the chance of knowing others. This negatively can cause friction between people based off of society’s beliefs on the stereotypes of others, leaving a bad impression on the way people view others, discriminating them before being imprudent. A bad stereotype creates a wall between others before they can even truly know one another. In “Paper Tigers” Wesley Yang describes the “Bamboo Ceiling” as an “invisible barrier that maintains a pyramidal racial structure throughout corporate America” and how it shows the “failure of Asian-Americans to become leaders in the white-collar workplace” which is based on stereotypes (526). The Bamboo ceiling shows how the workforce would not hire Asian Americans because of the stereotype of them being incapable of fulfilling the role as a leader, and would most likely see a white person to be best suited for the role as a leader based off of false
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