Ban Fast Food Persuasive Essay

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“According to the surgeon general, obesity today is officially an epidemic; it is arguably the most pressing public health problem we face, costing the health care system an estimated $90 billion a year.” (Pollan) Today childhood obesity is widely recognized as a global health crisis; obesity rates in children have risen dramatically over years. For the past 50 years, the fast food industries can mold marketing messages in multiple media that impacted how consumers perceived fast food. Children are often the target in the messaging and creation of fast-food brand identities. They are also more vulnerable to the marketing messages being transmitted. Fast food industries should not be allowed to market or advertise their products directed to young children that has created health dangers of excessive consumption of fast foods and how fast foods firms tried to rebrand themselves by offering healthier food option. A ban on fast food advertising to children would cut the obesity rate by “as much as 18%” (York). Childhood obesity rates are rising worldwide. Once the weight is gained at an early age it becomes very difficult to get rid of the extra weight and obesity is associated with an increased risk of diabetes,…show more content…
For example, McDonalds have changed their happy meals towards kids by giving parents and children more options to choose from. Instead of French fries, kids can choose to have apple slices or yogurt. Per Krisberg, “While most restaurants offered healthy side and beverage options only 33 out of more than 5,400 kids meal combinations met recommended nutrition standards”. There have been numerous attempts that restaurants vow to improved their menu targeted towards kids. Many restaurants have eliminated the kid’s options which were praised because it was better than marketing a meal that is not actually healthy for
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