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The leaves of “istiwitis” could be placed on the forehead to relieve headache and fever. While, the slightly heated (gina-ang) onion leaves together with vapor rub are applied on the back for common colds. They also make use papaya leaves by placing on the forehead to cure typhoid fever. The Banana leaves could be placed on the head or stomach to relieve headache and stomachache. Sex during pregnancy may put them at risk for Urinary Tract Infection. If UTI occurs, they make use of the roots of the guyabano tree by chopping them into small pieces, and then boiled until most of the juice is extracted from the roots and mixed with the water.Smoking and drinking of alcoholic drinks are prohibited in the entire duration of pregnant. Aeta would…show more content…
They believe that if the person dreams about a falling tooth, a close relative will get sick and eventually would die; so, he must bite the bark of the first tree he sees as he wakes up to prevent a relative from dying.They also believe that the last will ask by a dying person should be done for if they will not, the spirit of that person will never be at peace and will haunt them that may cause fever or other illness to the living family members. Factors Affecting the Health Care Beliefs and Practices of the Aetas Modernization.The Aetas traditional beliefs are affected by modernizations like media and technology. It is said that the aetas are adaptive to their environment so it is not difficult to be accostumed to modernization. The aetas mentioned that their adaptivity is due to the fact that they are open to changes. Media. Media is one of the factors affecting the health care beliefs and practices of Aetas. Young Aetas are interested in the latest trends. Publications have convinced the Aetas to follow the latest trends since they have also observed the changes around them. Aetas are nomadic in nature, that why it is not difficult for them to acquire some of these

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