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The Effectiveness Of Banana (Musa acuminata) As an Ointment For Wounds And Burn Selwyn Cris C. Ballesteros Proponent “Submitted As partial fulfillment of Research II” Calasiao Comprehensive National High School Malong Street,Poblacion,Calasiao,Pangasinan January 16 2017 Ms. Mirasol A. Vallo Research Teacher i ABSTRACT The investigatory project entitled “The effectiveness of Banana peel as an ointment for minor wounds” aimed to determine the effectiveness of banana peel as in treating minor wounds and how painful will it contribute when it is already applied. The researcher used two domesticated cats. Domesticated cats are allowed to have wounds. One cat was treated with commercialized product named “bactroban” and the other one was…show more content…
What does banana peel contained that is essential for treating wounds? 2. Is there any significant difference between the Banana Peel as an ointment and the commercialized one? Hypothesis 1. There is no significant difference between the prepared product and the commercialized one. Significance of the Study Several people will surely benefit from this study. It is not just because this study is cheaper than the commercialized product but this study is also easy to prepare and can 2 make the wound treated well without any worries because its ingredients has no side effects. More Filipinos will enable to reduce their expenses with regards to commercialized ointment product. This product will be more effective compared to commercialize one. Most of the materials than will be use can be found on within the kitchen and even in the surrounding. Scope and Limitations This study will focus only on developing the components of Banana Peel for treating wounds. This project will also study some vitamins and minerals that wound need for it to heal faster. Test will be conduct to prove the ability of Banana Peel as an effective ointment for treating wounds. Size and age of the domesticated cats are not considered. Study was made at the researcher’s…show more content…
Bananas are suspected to be the primary natural product in the earth by a few horticulturists. Their root is put in Southeast Asia, in the wildernesses of Malaysia, Indonesia or Philippines, where numerous assortments of wild bananas still develop today. Africans are credited to have given the present name, since the word banana would be gotten from the Arab for 'finger'. They began to be exchanged globally before fourteenth century's over. The improvement of railways and mechanical advances in refrigerated oceanic transport in this manner empowered bananas to end up distinctly the most imperative world exchanged natural product (Wikipedia, 2015) 6 Conceptual Framework Fig.I Effectiveness of banana peel is the response variable which is observed and measured to determine the effects of ointment. Cleanliness and surrounding is the variable which interferes with the independent variable and dependent variable. Its effect can affect the independent variable and dependent variable. 7 Chapter III Methodology Materials and Equipments 2 grams of Banana peel 5 ml of candle wax 25 ml of coconut oil 10 ml of

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