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The fashion triangle adapted from Abernathy et al. (1999) as seen before in Figure 2 reminds the researchers that Agilità and Armadillo followed a path associated with contemporary customer’s appetite for apparel variety, that is, apparel items that carry more style based on fashion trends. Both companies reshaped their organizational structure, abandoning the condition of mere basic and fashion-basic apparel manufacturers to become fashion apparel integrated firms. Data from Banco de Areia indicate a reasonable debut inspired by one of its main competitors and benchmark: Salinas. Banco de Areia was born focused on fashion beachwear.
The increasing rates of product introduction, product proliferation, and short product life cycles prescribed by fashion ingredient lead the
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She quoted:

"The production is totally carried out into the Campo Grande’s plant in Rio de Janeiro, only when the demand is greater than the plant’s capacity we subcontract the sewing step. However, we look for new fashion ideas from our local artisans and artists. (…) Brazilian lifestyle is responsible for beachwear trends. We envisage them and with our partnership with textile mills such as Rosset we get exclusive graphics (…) Brazilian beachwear creation is considered excellence. The characteristic of most products forbids manufacture subcontracting e.g. suitable graphics for the shape and size of bikinis. Beachwear’s quality is reflected in its fabric, shape and finishing (…) Style and creation teams are committed to invent graphics and to choose fabrics. The teams usually expend 3 to 4 months to visualize the collection". (Personal interview with the authors, September,

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