Band Of Brothers Character Analysis

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Earlier on, I wrote a paper about what leadership means. To me leadership represents someone that influences the group to achieve a goal or an idea. But, leadership can be regarded differently whether they are a “good” leader or a “bad” leader. In this situation, we can relate this to two characters in the Band of Brothers, Lieutenant Winters and Captain Sobel. Instantly, you can recognize the good and the bad leadership traits between the two. Lieutenant Winters who aid Captain Sobel’s authority over Easy Company display some positive aspects of leadership and also some negative aspect of a leader. One characteristic that Winters display as a leader is working well with his team mates. Not only that, but the development of the team. How they end up getting to know each other well and being accustomed to one another. This trait is void within Sobel who is well and truly a harsh delegator besides Winters that try to cooperate with the team to be fair in setting realistic goals and expectations. Another features of Winters is his character. Not many leaders you would envision as the kind and warm hearted …show more content…

In times war, a commander will need help to coordinate the team. One setback of Sobel’s is geography of the land. Winters could have suggested help to Sobel’s so that they could go to where they need to be at. This way, Winters help will be much needed in this process so they wouldn’t be lost on the first mock battle and the second one. Another fallback of Winters is that he doesn’t speak up for himself when he see’s something wrong that Captain Sobel points out. For instance, when Sobel was lost out on the field, he mistaken one of the soldiers as a commanding officer. In the end, he punished Winters for not being in position. As a matter of fact, another negative aspect of Winters is the fault of not realizing what will occur to his men when he ran for court Marshall after being accused of not following

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