Band Saw Research Paper

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Why Buy A Band Saw? There is no better way to convert logs into lumber than by using a band saw. Normally used to cutting curves on wood, this tool can perform corsscuts on short pieces and also assist in cabriolet leg making. Besides begetting some incredibly smooth cuts, band saws are pretty versatile and can accommodate a wide variety of blades. There are different kinds of band saws in the market to provide different kinds of cuts. You can find sizes ranging from 1 inch to 1/8 inch with teeth varying from 1 TPI to 20 TPI depending on the kind of material you want to saw. One thing worth noting is that most band saws use carbon steel blades, which enables them to cut hard and strong materials. The most common use of band saws however is sawing irregular shapes. A band saw is also a useful tool in…show more content…
That means you can convert your small woodwork shop into a mini mill where all those logs from your backyard are dealt with. In a way, this can be an enthralling way to explore some of nature’s treasures. What Could Go Wrong When Using A Bandsaw? There are quite a few things that could go wrong when handling or operating this tool. Just to be on the safe side, here are some potential issues and how to prevent them. *Injuring your fingers – It is recommended to keep your fingers at least 3 inches from the blade. Use your thumbs to push the blade forward. *Malfunctioning – Never force a cut. We recommend cutting a moderate feed rate into the blade. Remember, the blade size will dictate the radius of the cut. *Risk of broken blades – Bandsaw blades tend to fly out without giving any notice. For that reason, it is recommended to keep bystanders away from the right hand side of the saw (blades fly out to the right). *Blade coming off – This happens when you back out of curved cuts with the machine still running. In order to prevent this from happening, wait till the blade comes to a complete
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