Bandar-Log Monkeys: The Jungle Books By Rudyard Kipling

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Bandar-log Bullies Essay The Jungle Books, written by Rudyard Kipling, includes a group of attention seeking monkeys known as the Bandar-log. The Bandar-log monkeys are like today’s bullies in several different ways. The things the Bandar-log monkeys do, what they say, and what other people think about them all help support the idea that the Bandar-log monkeys are like bullies. To begin with, what the Jungle People think of the Bandar-log monkeys help support the claim that they are similar to bullies. Baloo says, “We of the jungle have no dealings with them. We do not drink where the monkeys drink; we do not go where the monkeys go; we do not hunt where they hunt; we do not die where they die…” (Kipling, 31) This quote suggests that the Jungle People try to steer clear of as much interaction with the Bandar-log monkeys as possible. Like today’s bullies, the Bandar-log monkeys are disfavored and people do not want anything to do with them.…show more content…
Kipling writes that “they would all rush together in mobs and shout: “There is no one in the jungle so wise and clever and strong and gentle as the Bandar-log (42).” ” The Bandar-log monkeys are the complete opposite of their descriptions of themselves, and the monkeys also brag about the tasks that they do not accomplish. Baloo says that “they boast and chatter and pretend that they are a great people about to do great affairs in the jungle (Kipling, 31).” Today’s bullies and the Bandar-log monkeys believe that they are better than everyone else, and they both think that the things they do are something to be proud
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