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How are the Bandar-log from “Kaa’s Hunting” like bullies? Throughout the story all the Bandar-log did was create chaos and bully hurt animals.The Bandar-log are liars, thieves, and cheaters just like real life bullies. The Bandar-log believe they are better than everyone in the jungle and abuse hurt animals for attention and amusement. The author Rudyard Kipling portrays the Bandar-log as uncivilized monkey people with no law.

The Bandarlog speak and think they are better than everybody else. In the story Kipling writes “We are great.We are free.We are wonderful We are the most wonderful people in the jungle.We all say so so it must be true.” says the Bandar-log (44). Here you can see how the Bandar-log say they are better than everybody else. Another quote Kipling writes is “ There is no one in the jungle so wise and good and clever and strong and gentle as the Bandar-log.” (42). This quote explains how the Bandar-log imagine they are better than everyone else in the jungle. These quotes show how the Bandar-log think they are better than everybody else in all area’s.

The monkey people also abuse hurt animals for amusement and attention. Bullies only bully because they can and the monkey people can only hurt injured animals because they have an advantage of not being hurt. Kipling writes “ But
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They do not seem to care about other people’s feelings and only try to seek attention. Kipling writes “The monkeys never fight unless they are a hundred to one.” (44). Here you can see how weak and cowardly the Bandar-log ar. In my opinion they are cowards because the when they fight a hundred to one they are cheating because a hundred is much stronger than one. If they do not get what they want, which is attention, then they hurt one of their own and leave it for dead, so it seems like they do not care for each other either. Most of the time they also either create or cause
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