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West Java Province is a tourist haven for foreign and local tourist. One of the main tourist city of Bandung in West Java as well as a metropolitan city and the capital city of the province, Bandung is a town that is familiar with the title "City of Flowers". The city is very famous for his fashion and beauty also girl. Bandung has many natural tourist attraction that is very interesting that a lot of demand by tourist. If you are visiting Indonesia do not miss to stop in the beautiful city of Bandung. Some Object Nature of interest in Bandung:
1. CURUG MALELA Curug Malela which in Indonesian means Malela Niagara, Niagara Malela Waterfall is one of the most beautiful in the city. It is one of the natural attraction of the best. Aside from the cool air, it also present the tourist attraction natural scenery is very beautiful and very dear to miss. Their journey is also going to present a view of a
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MOUNTAIN TANGKUBAN PARAHU Mount Tangkuban Parahu is a popular natural tourist destination in the city with a height of about 2,084 meters above sea level. The location is approximately 20 km to the north of the city of Bandung. According to local legend, the mountain actually Tangkuban Parahu is a boat that was kicked up upside down by Sangkuriang angry for failing to marry his own mother Dayang Sumbi, so the mountain Maras is like an upside-down boat like in the legend. The shape of this mountain is the center Stratovulcano eruption always moving from east to west. Types of rocks issued passes eruption of this mountain is mostly lava and sulfur, a mineral that many are released as sulfur, a mineral that was issued at the time the mountain is not active is sulfur vapor Itineraries to be able to reach the area attractions Tangkuban Parahu can pass through the toll booth Pasteur, then proceed towards Jl. Dr. Djunjunan - further to walk to Pasir Kaliki - then passes Sukajadi - Setiabudi - Lembang then you will get to the location of Tangkuban Parahu Tourism (Upper

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