Bandura Bobo Experiment

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For my replication study I chose to use Bandura’s Transmission of Aggression Through Imitation of Aggressive Models, also known as the Bobo Doll experiment. The purpose of the experiment was to not only see how impressionable young children are to adult actions, but also to measure the difference in young boys aggression to young girls after witnessing an adult act out aggressively against a bobo doll. The conclusion was that children are impressionable, and Bandura found that boys were more prone to act out in violence or make violent remarks as opposed to girls.
The aspects of this study that I would target would be the male tendency to act aggressively as opposed to females. I would chose to keep the setup of the bobo doll experiment, viewing
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Once the movie finished I would then have a confederate enter the room and inform them that the meeting was going over, but they could play the video game hooked up to the tv while waiting. After thirty minutes the experiment would be over and the parent would then enter the room without any comment to the game and take them away. Using the footage from the camera, I would record the number of violent outbursts while they were playing. The two groups data would be compared and analyzed to see if the number of verbal outbursts was greater in the experimental group than the control group. I then would look at the gender differences to determine if boys were more apt to act violently than girls.
I would expect my results to be very similar to Bandura’s discovery. The boys will have a higher rate of violence, especially after viewing a war movie, than the girls. The experimental group may have a higher tendency of outbursts from the controlled group, but the main hypothesis of boys being more violent will be proven
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