Introduction To Bandura Social Learning Theory

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The aim of this study was to apply Bandura social learning theory in a model for identifying personal and environmental factors that predict health-promoting self-care behaviors in people with pre-diabetes.


The theoretical basis of health-promoting self-care behaviors must be examined to obtain evidence-based knowledge that can help improve the effectiveness of pre-diabetes care. However, such behaviors are rarely studied in people with pre-diabetes.


This quantitative, cross-sectional survey study was performed in a convenience sample of two hospitals in southern Taiwan. Two hundred people diagnosed with pre-diabetes at a single health examination center were recruited. A questionnaire survey was performed to collect
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Pre-diabetes; Health-promoting self-care behaviors; Social learning theory; Self-efficacy; Perceptions of empowerment process; Knowledge
1. Introduction
Diabetes is an urgent global health issue because of its high rates of prevalence, complications, and mortality and because of its huge associated health care costs (World Health Organization, 2013, August). A major global health concern is reducing the impact of diabetes by improving diabetes prevention. Individuals with pre-diabetes have a high risk of diabetes. For example, a study by de Vegt et al. (2011) found that the cumulative incidence of diabetes in participants with pre-diabetes was 64.5%, which was 14.3 times higher than that in people with normal glucose concentrations (cumulative incidence, 4.5%). Therefore, populations targeted in efforts to prevent the occurrence of diabetes should include people with
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Researchers have used this theory to explore health behaviors (Sharon et al., 2006). However, the theory is rarely used to investigate health-promoting self-care behaviors in people with pre-diabetes. The theoretical basis of this research can be used to obtain evidence-based knowledge. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to use Bandura social learning theory as a framework for investigating personal and environmental factors in the health-promoting self-care behaviors of people with pre-diabetes. Fig. 1 shows the framework of this

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