Compare And Contrast Bandura And Skinner

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Psychological theory could be apply in our daily life, it could explain our behavior in learning. In the following, Social learning theory and operant conditioning could be explain. Bandura establish social learning theory in
Bandura and Skinner had a very different early years in life which mark their success in later life and affect their thought in their own theory. Social learning theory was proposed by Albert Bandura in 1963. Bandura was sent to the only school in town with shortly supplies and teacher, one textbook were share by two teachers and all students. Despite, limited sources in study trained him to be self-dependent. This experience gave Bandura thought on learning, as he stated in Emory University in his honor, “The content
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Operant conditioning have two reinforcement, positive and negative reinforcement. Positive refer to the increase in the tendency of the person to make that specific response with the rewarding stimuli come afterward. Yu found hard in studying, as he can’t jotted down notes as quick as other. His classmate kindness in giving him their notes bring a positive reinforcement in his study. This give him a push in study and could work more efficient. Yu had also mention that his dad bring him to tutorial class bring a positive reinforcement in study, as after tutorial class he understand the knowledge. As a result, his academic result improve a lot. Negative reinforcement refer to Increase desired behavior in order to reduce the undesired stimulus. Yu got zero mark in dictation due to his severely degraded hearing ng in S3. Failing in test again is his undesired stimulus which he encourage himself to work harder to avoid failing again. Operant conditioning also involve punishment, which could decrease the intendancy of person in that behavior. Yun Bun witnessed classmates who had poor pronunciations would be hit by the Inspector and their moms by having poor academic result. The witness of others being hit is a punishment as a result he studied much harder avoid himself getting into the same…show more content…
My dad is given that talented in baking, and I recalled myself observing him bake when I was small. At the age five, I start learning to bake under his supervision. Through years of observation, I could intimated his way in using the whisk and other method in baking. He praised me when I use the right method to whisk which this encourage me to continuous baking in the same way. In my grade 10 food and nutrition practical exam, I had to prepare a five course meal in two hours for a decent performance for final grade. As I expect myself in getting A grade in final as a positive stimuli in reinforcement, I practice cooking at home within limited time and made a detailed plan before going into exam. During practice, I carefully took out the food from oven to prevent burning myself. The scars on my hand had remind me of the previous poor behavior in taking out the hot food in oven as a
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