Bangwa People Essay

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The Marriage of Bangwa people According to Travis Arda states that Bangwa people are ancient group of people whose origins are lost in the dim past (2012; pg. 1). The BANGWA Tribal Area is situated in the north east of the Mamfe Division, and the watershed which extends alone the side of this tribe forms the existing international boundary with the French sphere of the Cameroons. According to Cadman, in 1922 when he did his assessment on the Bangwa people, the population was thirteen thousand nine hundred and sixty-one. Robert Brain notes that amongst Bangwa people, Women as mothers, grandmothers and sisters, are the focus of the kinship system of alliances engendered by marriage, between patri-groups and individuals; wives, daughters and marriage wards are the capital items in the Bangwa political and economic system (1972; pg. 114). Robert also states that one of the interesting aspects about the Bangwa people is how the marriage is able to link the Bangwa kinship system. Betrothal According to Robert Brain, a baby girl is betrothed at birth. Infant betrothal is the formal engagement to marry- it is also a cultural norm which is fast changing and the ethnographic present us somewhat out of place (1972; 115). The…show more content…
Through the payment of the bridewealth marriage can link groups of different kinships (Brain 1972; pg. 118). If the father of the bride-to-be agrees that his daughter can marry the man, a goat is sent to him as a preliminary. The father of the daughter then sends a message to the effect that in two or three weeks’ time he will come to discuss the question of his daughter’s bridewealth, and they must have this ready (Cadman 1922; pg. 105). There is no fixed price for the bridewealth. According Cadman Among Bangwa people, it is well known that if the bride is a Chief’s daughter, the bridewealth is higher than the normal
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