Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Case Study

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For the scandal case of Bank Bumiputra Malaysia under Lorrain Esme Osman, the Malaysian Corporate Governance had played greater roles and major accountabilities for involving searching warrant for conducting more deep further investigation for monetary scandal with The Carrian Group which was directed under George Tan. This scandal case somehow had raised more public tensions such the bank auditors including Jalil were found dead. From that particular reason, it raised more public awareness and also triggered the awareness from MICG to conduct damage control program by obtaining searching warrant and gaining permission from the court to halt all the assets owned by Lorrain Osman including the assets from his twenty one subsidiaries of his companies. MICG had the universal views similar…show more content…
Other than enforcing The Surbance-Oxley Act, the government could also encourage to curb these unwanted monetary scandals by encouraging both public companies and private companies in Malaysia to be involved in workshop program which is pertinent to Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). For example, CIMB Bank which is known as Malaysia Commercial Bank to be listed as top commercial bank to be involve in Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) and lead the workshop program for the selected companies to be involved on this program. As the result, more companies regardless of the companies that belong from either public sector or private sector can have more skills and experience in order to develop more social-oriented organizations that could have both capabilities to deliver social mission and achieving profit. When the company could achieve both social adherence as well as profit mission, this will definitely to ensure that the business of the particular company will surely always going concern and to sustain the business as a

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