Bank Misr Paris Case Study

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Chapter One
Introduction The first chapter consists of five sections. The first section is concerned itself with the study background by showing the general review of the whole research topic. Then it discusses the fundamentals of the Research problems by providing the definitions of service quality and customer satisfaction to build the concept.

The third section shows the main target of the research. The fourth section includes objectives of the researcher in resuming the study and its importance to the organization in which this study is mainly concerned. Finally, the chapter shades the main structure of the thesis.

Background to the study The current business environment is becoming more and more competitive with every day that passes.
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(1985; 1988) is one of the most prominent frameworks. It is the most preferable model which is commonly used for measuring the quality service in the service industry. So that improvements in the quality standards might bring positive outcomes for the firm.

When service firms understand this fact that continuous improvements in service quality and offerings effects the customers level of satisfaction, they can distribute resources in a suitable way to earn quality standards that meets client?s expectations (Sara Qader, 2013). Ghoneimi mainly focuses in this research on process and improvements in order to manage the process of delivering the quality the final consumers and examines the correlation between service quality and customer satisfaction. Since research conducted in Banking sector author select Bank Misr Paris as case study.

Banque Misr was founded by Talaat Harb Pacha, an Egyptian economist, in 1920. In this bank, there is about 12,000 employees who help to achieve customer satisfaction of more than six million clients in Egypt. This bank has total paid-up capital amounting to 15 Billion Egyptian Pounds which is almost 1.8 Billion Euros.

The Bank currently consists of more than 500 local branches that are
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So as to clarify the two main concepts of research, the service quality and the satisfaction of the customer, the author will discuss in details the definition of both quality and satisfaction in the following part.

Starting with the definition of both customer satisfaction and service quality, I will be defining the term ?Customer Satisfaction?; which is a commonly used term in business world to determine and estimate the types of services and products provided by a company to meet its customer's expectations. Customer satisfaction can be described as the key performance indicator (KPI) of any service company.

Literature prove that the main key to lifelong business success is the customer satisfaction (Zeithami et al., 1996) which is a consequence of purchase and use resulting from the buyers' comparison of the revenue and expense of the purchase in rapport to the expected results (Churchill and Surprenant
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