Bank Of America Mobile Banking Case Study

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Bank of America: Mobile Banking This essay is based on the case “Bank of America: Mobile Banking” which is dated on May 2012. We will first present benefits mobile banking provide to consumers and highlight reasons why many consumers haven’t adopted mobile banking yet. Furthermore, we will look into Bank of America motivation to offer mobile banking to its customers and review associated costs and risks of mobile banking implementation. Then understand what lessons can the bank learn from its online banking operations and analyze costs and benefits of having customers migrate to online banking. Finally, we will review how mobile technology is likely to influence the banking industry in the future. Bank of America, originally founded in 1904 as Bank of Italy merged with NationsBanking in September 1998. Ever since Kenneth Lewis became a CEO in 2001, Bank of America has expanded its business in retail banking, global wealth management, middle market lending, large corporate lending, global treasury services, investment banking and online and mobile banking, which we will discuss, as mentioned before over the course of this essay. (case study) What benefits does mobile banking provide to consumers? Why haven't many consumers adopted mobile banking yet?…show more content…
And was meant as an extension to already rapidly growing online banking with the added benefits like accessibility, where consumers could access their bank accounts on the move from their mobile devices. For many banks, that was yet another channel to attract and retain new customers and to increase their income. While online banking is still the most used banking method in the USA, mobile banking has increased its popularity by 7% and is preferred by 12% of consumers, according to a recent survey by the American Bankers Association. Having that in mind, let’s discuss the actual benefits consumers can gain from using mobile banking
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