Corporate Sustainability Strategy

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Corporate Sustainability Strategy: The case for the banking sector Anne-Lise Virginie Couronne-Appapoulay ID number: 170010 University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM) October 2017 Table of Contents 1 Chapter one 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Corporate Sustainability 1.3 Corporate sustainability: the other side of the coin 1.4 Corporate performance and assessment 1.5 Corporate sustainability: measuring tools 1.5.1 Global Reporting Initiative 1.5.2 ISO 14001 1.5.3 ISO 26000 1.5.4 Dow Jones Sustainability Index 1.5.5 Go!planet 1.6 Corporate sustainability in the banking sector 1.7 The banking sector in Mauritius 1.8 Aims and Objectives 2 Chapter two 2.1 About ABC Banking Corporation Ltd 2.1.1 Mission, Vision and Values 3 Chapter…show more content…
According to White (2012), the responsibility is to operate ethically, and by doing so, ensuring that the goods, services and operations offered by the company are safe for individuals and the environment equally. The author further argues that it also gives the opportunity to businesses to meet different consumer needs and demands, to build top-line business, to reduce costs efficiently, to increase employee’s motivation level, and to deliver greater value to both society and shareholders in…show more content…
(2016), have conducted researches on corporate sustainability and have come to the conclusion that it is today a key driver to corporate strategy and behaviour at large. Not only are companies acting in sustainable ways, but they also incite their audiences to do same because they are increasingly aware that efforts cannot be done in isolation, but have to be shared and implemented as a common behaviour if success is the expected end-result. This opinion is shared by Avery (2015), who takes the debate a step further by taking as reference the Boston/Sloan study which stipulates that not only is the engagement of the board of directors important in successfully reaching corporate sustainability goals but collaborative partnerships are as equally vital in the business field. In fact, the Boston/Sloan study carried out a survey among 2,587 professionals (managers, practitioners and experts) around the world and 37% confirmed that their companies are actually involved in 10 or more collaborative partnerships, out of which 10% are involved in more than 50

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