Banneker's Excerpt Against Slavery

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The U.S soil home of the free home of opportunities and the home where all men were created equal right? In retrospect, when the country first came about Englishmen evaded a land already claimed and ended up removing Africans from their homeland to make slavemen all for the love of money. Many years ago when slavery came about they held millions of Africans enslaved all for the love money it's the same with overworking people who deserves more than what they’re paid.The American society is one of money hungry businessmen who puts money over Americans’ well being. Foreigners might perceive America as the promised land where opportunities lie, while that can be true, history shows countless acts of how this society puts hardships on many people's lives just to add to their pockets.…show more content…
However, in early 1700s, Americans born slaves were denied of the unalienable rights an ordinary American should have. Benjamin Banneker´s excerpt against slavery says ¨you need to be found guilty of the most criminal act that you professedly detested in other¨ (Banneker) to emphasize that Jefferson is going against his own words written in the constitution with the use of slavery. If slave owners were to “put their souls in the souls of slave workers, thus shall your hearts be enlarged with kindness and benevolence towards them.¨(Banneker) He uses this generalization to show how easy it is for one to see no fault in slavery without actually witnessing how tormenting it is for the slave
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