Banning Book Books Should Be Banned

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Even though it censors inappropriate material that influences impressionable minds, we should not ban books books because it filters realism and limits our ability for an open mind. It would deprive students of an education about the world around them. Banning books would completely get rid of our freedom of expression and it would restrain our usually infinite imagination. If we allow for books to be banned, it would limit our ability to have imagination and have an open mind about the world around us. Banning books would deprive children of a real education about the world. If children don 't know about the world and what other people say and think or what others ' cultures and beliefs are how could they possibly grow to be informed, intelligent, and well-rounded individuals? True, some texts may promote damaging lifestyles to young minds, but again parents and teachers are more than capable of teaching their children what is right and not allowing their children to be exposed to harmful content with age restrictions. You can always teach your kids to be smart and make right choices. If they grow up believing certain things because they only have one narrow perspective, how will they be able to learn who they truly are as a person or what they really believe as a person? Banning books would ban the open-mindedness that…show more content…
Banning books also filters realism. Parents surely cannot expect to shelter their children from the real world forever. These books might have have violence and torture and bad people, but so does the real world and kids should know what to face if they have to when they grow up. If you read about people with sad, terrible lives, you will feel more grateful for what you have and you will be a better person. If you don 't about the dark and sadness of the world, you can 't know to appreciate the happiness and light. Kids have to know about terrible things like the Holocaust and unfair tyranny so they can make sure that history doesn 't repeat
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