Essay On Technology Should Be Banned

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Children and young people are becoming addicted to technology. I chose two articles regarding this topic. One is called “Banning Children from Technology is Counter-Productive", and "If We Don’t Want Our Children To Be Addicted To Technology, We Should Start Putting Down Our Phones”. The first article thinks that children shouldn’t be banned from technology, and it will be, well, counter-productive. The second article talks about how adults should limit their technology use if they want kids to not be addicted to technology.

In the first article, they said: "Taiwan recently made the unprecedented move of banning children two years and younger from using any form of digital technology" I feel that this is law is reasonable. Younger kids these days are using technology more than what is "healthy". When you 're on a laptop, or an iPad or a phone, tiny eye muscles change the shape of your eye lens, to bring what you 're seeing into focus. If you 're on your device for too long, those muscles become strained and grow tired from being fixed on one point. This causes your eyesight to become worse.

"Not allowing children to use devices or the internet hampers their ability to engage with the world they live
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If someone texts you something mean or hurtful, you can save that message or screenshot it. You have proof of someone bullying you. Whereas when you are actually being bullied, you don’t necessarily have proof all the time. Suppose, some person keeps saying mean things to you up to a point where it 's considered bullying. They never do this in public, so you have no proof that you are being bullied. The person bullying you will probably get
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