Banning Of Cell Phones In School

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The main issue is that phones are creating a big distraction that is actually affecting the students’ grades. Teachers are having to stop in the middle of class to tell the student to put their device away, which takes away time from the lesson being taught. Cell phones have always been around in school, but since the approval of them in school had led for them to be used in school property at any time. This is an important issue because in the future this would affect the nation because those students who didn 't pay attention in school, have a job but don 't have the necessary education skills in order to accomplish their tasks. Some schools have tried to ban phones from school property, if a student was caught with a phone they would get confiscated, while other schools only allow phones during lunch or in class with the permission of the teacher. “Students will have their phones confiscated for the day on the first offense. Their parents will have to pick up the phone the second time. After three offenses, students will be forbidden to bring a phone to school for the rest of the year” (Birnbaum). The majority that oppose the banning of cell phones are parents and students which the biggest concern is them being able to communicate with each other in a matter of minutes. The majority of those who approve the banned of cell phones are mainly teachers and principals of the schools, “Their use has also created worries about cheating, visiting inappropriate websites,
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