Pit Bull Bullying Research Paper

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Task 1
Banning Pit Bull terriers
How alcochol can harm communities
Wind farms
Climate change
Alpine logging
As wind farm cause some health problems to people who live nearby. It is hampering and dangerous for birds also sometimes it takes their lives.
Every people have their own opinion and have right to share their opinion. Not every people feel the same way or think the same way so we have conflicting opinions on issues.
*sea levels can rise
*the global temperature can rise and change the weather
*Plants and animals may not survive
b)to generate electricity
b)Petrol car emissions because the petrol is a fossil fuel,causes pollution
Yes they are good sources as they have a good reputation for throughout research.
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Bullying has three main features;
1)It involves a misuse of power in a relationship.
2)it is ongoing and repeated,amd
3)It involves behaviours that can cause harm
Bullying requires schools and families to look beyond the observable behaviours of students to what is going on behind scenes.behaviours that do not constitute bullying include;
1)mutual arguments and disagreements
2)not liking someone or a single act of social rejection
3)one-off acts of meanness or spite
However,these conflicts still need to be addressed
Australian School Bullying
Most of the times bullying takes place with students.Bullying occurs within interpersonal relationships usually with in peer group.A student who is bullying in one context can be bullied in another,and a student whoo sees bullying in one context may be bullied in another.
Bullying occur by these rules;
*as the person being

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