An Analysis Of Banning Sisters

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Banning Sisters is a romantic suspense series of novels by Karen Robards the American author known for writing historical and romantic suspense novels. Some of her most popular series include the Banning Sisters, Pirate, Jessica Ford, and Dr. Charlie Stone series. The first novel of the Banning Sisters series of novels was the 2001 published title Scandalous. After the first novel attained much popularity, Robards made the series a trilogy culminating in Shameless that was published in 2010. Robards very early realized that she never liked the law when she was in law school and enrolled for a graduate level writing course during her free time. Historical romances were the in thing during the time and hence when the professor asked the class…show more content…
This comes from her excellent research about the novels that make her picturesque settings just as integral to her regency romances just as her characters are. In the Banning Sisters novels which are bodice rippers the sexual tension comes from the natural interplay and interaction between the characters that often culminates in a happily ever after when the heroine and hero realize they are made for each other. Since the novels are set in regency England the social mores under which her characters lived are very prominent in the themes of the novels. Robards excellence in the writing of the Banning Sisters novels and practically all her historical romances probably comes from her love for historical and regencies from the likes of Georgette Heyer, Mary Stewart, Jane Eyre, and Wuthering Heights among other classics. While she likes nearly every historical setting and era, her favorite locations are in Regency England and continental Europe where she has set most of her…show more content…
Conflict is the main driver of the sexual tension between the Banning sisters and their men who are typically cold hearted heroes as compared to the independent and stubborn women in their lives. The heroes and heroines have never been used to being attracted that much to someone which makes for quite the delicious sexual tension. The novels come with a lot of adventure from angry ex fiances, to sex slavery and kidnapping as the two lovers fight to be together. Despite their sexual inexperience the heroines are the ultimate flirts with scandalous engagements and relationships to their names. The men are what one would call dark and wicked rogues with black reputations that makes them all the more mysterious. Karen Robards does an excellent job at writing characters that are very much enjoyable with complex natures and different personalities. Her heroes are particularly lovable persons even if they are darker than the typical historical romance character which makes their redemption and finding romance and happiness all the more
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