Banquo Character Analysis

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In the play Macbeth, Shakespeare includes characters that are important and unimportant to the progression of the plot. Banquo, is one the the characters in the play, that is necessary to the progression of the plot. Even though Banquo is killed by Macbeth in the play, after his death he comes back as a ghost and is mentioned throughout the rest of the play. Before he is killed he serves as Macbeth’s most loyal friend and fights with him during the war. The character Banquo is just as much important to the play when he is dead, just as much as when he was alive. While Banquo is still alive, Macbeth and he are given a prophecy by the three witches, and then they talk about it, but are intruded by Angus and Ross telling them that some of the prophecy is true. Macbeth later says to Banquo that “Think upon what hath / chanced, and at more time, / The interim having weighed it, let us speak / Our free hearts each other” (1.3.155-158), so they can talk more about their prophecy, Macbeth becomes king and Banquo has children that will become king. While he is alive him and Macbeth share…show more content…
/ Would he were here! To all, and him, we thirst, / And all to all” (3.4.90-93) when then Macbeth seeing his ghost, becomes uncomfortable and then talks to the ghost. This shows that Macbeth is beginning to mental break down and starts the falling action that leads to his killing. In act 4, Macbeth is conversing with the witches, wondering if “Tell me, if your art / Can tell so much: shall Banquo’s issue ever / Reign in this kingdom?” (4.1.101-103), and after their response, he is showt Kings and Banquo is last, as his prophecy still holds true. Macbeth and his wife are still concerned about Banquo even though they killed him two acts ago, which shows Banquo’s
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