Banquo Death Theme In Macbeth

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In Shakespeare 's Macbeth, death is a central theme connected to others of guilt, power and conflict. Macbeth, a nobleman in Scotland’s army is revered throughout the play as a hero, until his wife, Lady Macbeth turns him into a megalomaniac. Macbeth’s friend Banquo serves in the army with Macbeth, as a character that is a somewhat moral advisor or conscious figure to contrast with Macbeth’s character that had evolved into rapacious figure. into a. In Act 1, Scene 1-3, the death of Banquo illuminates the central theme of betrayal. Banquo serves as a character foil to Macbeth. While Macbeth is brutally ambitious and eager to trust supernatural prophecies, In contrast Banquo is placid and cautious of the witches’ advice. Banquo also contrasts…show more content…
This death also proves to be ironic as Banquo returns in the play once again as a ghost during a lavish banquet thrown at the Macbeth manner Banquo manifests as a spirit who is only seen by Macbeth. Shakespear 's conscious choice to depict Banquo’s ghost as bloody supports the theme of guilt and death, by emphasising the gruesome nature of his decease so graphically. This scene proves to be ironic in the fact that the death that was so quickly carried out is now being rethought of for the serious implications. The ghost of Banquo symbolizes Macbeth’s anxiety in his previous actions. Banquo’s ghost 's presence is also ironic in the fact it is indiscernible to the reader whether the ghost was a supernatural being or a mere result of unrelenting guilt being personified. The death scene of Banquo served as a shift in theme as there is a transition between sanity to irrationality, while also signifying Macbeth’s moral metamorphosis. Banquo’s death is highly significant given it symbolized a turning point in the play. Shakespeare gave this scene intensity by adding internal conflict to Macbeth’s character, which in turn stressed the idea of a character shift and the theme of power struggles by showing how Macbeth’s mentality and morals were

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