Banquo: Eulogy Of A Loyal Soldier

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Thanes and kinsmen, we are united here in the Church of Scotland today to pay tribute to our loyal friend and brave soldier, Banquo, two weeks after his untimely death. We are saddened to have lost Scotland’s most “worthy gentleman” (1:2:26). As Banquo’s king and friend, I am greatly bereaved about his death as he was a fearless soldier, loving father as well as a noble friend and subject, who has been sadly taken before his time. Banquo secured Scotland 's liberation from war and has left behind a true legacy that can be recognised through his heroic behaviour and astute actions. He was the true “Bellona’s bridegroom” (1:2:61). We fondly remember in the battle against those Norwegians and the “merciless Macdonwald” (1:2:11), he was watching my back and stayed by my side. Such memories will never be forgotten for it is because of this wise man that I am still standing…show more content…
He had a priceless dedication to his son and loved the child until the tragic end, protecting Fleance not with weapons, but with his life. If it weren’t for the tyrants who ended his life, Banquo would “have died hereafter” (5:5:19) and lived a peaceful, rich life with his son. The “dauntless temper of his mind” (3:1:58) ended up saving his child, therefore proving that he was not a “poor player” (5:5:26). As a respected father, he “hath a wisdom that doth guide his valour to act in safety” (3:1:59). Our friend was a virtuous role model for his son and although he had human weaknesses, he remained in control and resisted the temptations of the witches’ prophecies. It is Banquo’s self-saving behaviour that reminds us to think before we act, as our beloved friend did in his shortened life. Hence, Banquo was known by many as a caring father and may we give our condolences to Fleance at this forlorn time of grief as he mourns with sorrow at the loss of his dear father, our much-loved
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