Banquo In Macbeth

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In Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, Macbeth, one of the main characters in the play is a very ambitious person who is unable to be grateful for the power he already sustains. Thinking about what the witches had prophesied for Banquo’s son being the next king after Macbeth, angers angers. After a kong conversation between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth, Macbeth comes to a conclusion about what to do about Banquo and his sons, telling his wife that , “There’s comfort yet; they are assailable.Then be thou jocund. Ere the bat hath flown His cloister 'd flight, ere to black Hecate’s summons The shard-borne beetle with his drowsy hums Hath rung night’s yawning peal, there shall be done”(Act 2.Scene 3.line 44-45). Macbeth at first cannot decide what
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