Banquo Is To Blame For Murder In William Shakespeare's Macbeth '

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As we begin to prepare for Banquo 's funeral, I can overhear people whispering to each other as Lady Macbeth and I step through the dark and gloomy hallway. Does anyone know it was I who had Banquo killed? I cannot afford having anyone knowing of this, not even my dear wife.
As Banquo 's funeral inches closer and closer, my hand begins to drip in sweat and I can feel Lady Macbeth 's eyes burning holes into my soul. Could she possibly know? I couldn 't imagine the thought of telling her what I have done, she couldn 't even accept the guilt from when Duncan was murdered. As we walked up to the doors of the chapel my wife turned to me and looked me in the eyes and just asked me “did you have anything to do with this Macbeth?”the only thing that i could do was stare at her with no emotions or expressions on my guilty face and turn around and grab the icy cold handle. Walking in there were dozens of people here for Banquo, including Fleance. Whose up in the front as he saw me walk in his sadden face turned to me and it immediately altered to anger and rage. As soon as the funeral came to an end I tried to grab Lady Macbeth 's hand and leave as soon as possible but i felt a cold
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Now everybody was discussing what was occurring amongst Fleance and I. This is precisely what I didn’t want to happen at this very moment. I should have been above all else and this was the main way that I could get that. I understand that I am as yet there remaining with Fleance, and I didn 't see that I zoned far from him conversing with me. The room we were remaining in together was presently unfilled, just Fleance and I. I couldn 't think straight, did I go too far this time? What have I done? I begin to stroll to the entryway and he stops me when I get to the end of the hall and just looks at me without flinching and says so delicately and practically quieting, "you 're not going to escape with this Macbeth, not this time." He said this and pivoted and left me. What is this disastrous

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