Banquo Persuasive Letter

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(Month) 29, 1032

Dearest Banquo,

Friend, while what I have done may seem back-stabbing I assure you, to betray your trust over minuscule would be foolish and immature.

You simply cannot fathom the dangers of holding the position of King, especially after the way I acquired such power. After the witches told me what the possibilities, I knew I had to make sure I’d never lose this position. You and your son were a threat to me because of the prophecy told by the weird sisters. I’ve done no wrong, only seized and opportunity before I was stripped of it.

Once I had killed Duncan and taken my position as king, I knew I needed to keep it. There… there is a fear that consumes you after you’ve taken a life. A fear that makes you believe that those closest to you want your life as payment for your wrong doings. Those fears can turn anyone into a murderer. That is what I have become. It was never intentional,
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I know now that you will not try to dethrone me, nor will Fleance nor Malcom nor Macduff. And you’d think, even with my feeling of security, that all would be well. Conversely, that is far from the truth.

I am still haunted…by everything. I cannot sleep, I cannot eat; I am anxious all of the time. For some inexplicable reason I feel as if I am unsafe. Torture is this feeling; worse, this torture has not plan for peace in my future. AND YOU! You clearly don’t understand what it means to be dead. You disturb me the most. Making my life miserable.

Listen to this message dearest Banquo: I have done what I needed to do as it was necessary. I am not sorry for what I did. But I tell you now, do not haunt me. Rest old friend, rest. Do not disturb your sleep and I beg you, do not disturb my life. The witches prophecies are true. Your son is not dead. He lives on, strong, healthy, safe. Let that mean something to you and leave me in

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