Banquo Trial Scene Analysis

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I decided to create a video of a trial in which Macduff accuses Macbeth of plotting Banquo’s murder, to punish him for his crime. I chose to do a video of a trial because it is a way for Macbeth’s corruption during his kingship to be revealed in a modern and different way than in the play. In the video, the costumes, lighting, acting, and characters were chosen to show evidence against Macbeth and to help set the tone during the trial. The characters from the play that are in the video are: Macduff, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Fleance, Ross, and Murderer 1. Macduff was the prosecutor in the trial and he was the best fit because he fights Macbeth at the end of the play (5.8.34-35). I put Macduff as the prosecutor because I want to create a different version of their last battle through that…show more content…
The second witness in the trial is Lady Macbeth, she is called up by Macbeth because she is willing to lie for Macbeth (which she does in the trial), and she is a huge influence on him when making decisions. Lady Macbeth acts nervous and fake during the trial to represent her anxiety during the play, and at the end of the trial she dies from her fear like she did in the play (5.5.7). The final witness in the trial is Murderer 1, he is a surprise witness, a breakthrough, and Macduff calls him up to seal the case and take the win. In the trial he dresses and walks like a criminal and confesses to the court that Macbeth planned the murder of Banquo. All the characters dressed nicely except for Murderer 1 because this is a royal trial and is a very big deal, so I wanted it to be a formal trial. The set up was as close to a setup of a courtroom as I could make it. Lastly, throughout the whole trial the room was dark, up until the last scene where Macbeth was convicted and taken away from the courtroom. I made it like that because I want it to resemble
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